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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! The girls enjoyed buying each other a gift and wrapping it. They rearranged all the Nativities in the house multiple times, decorated the tree, practiced their songs on piano for program. Lilia played Silent Night duet with grandma R and Elayna  played Up on the House top with grandma R as well. We made brownies, decorated cookies, and read Christmas stories. We also performed a play of Nativity. Elayna was Mary, Braxton was Joseph, Lilia and Annie were angels, Joshy, Josh and Asher were shepherds, grandpa R was wiseman and I narrated the story. It was fun.
We look forward to a great year.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Family Picture

We had a lovely day at church. We are grateful for our family. We are truly blessed.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lilia's 7th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Lilia! We love you. We had your first official friends birthday party. You decided your cake should look like your pink/black fox. You picked out colors etc. We had hotdogs for lunch, played outside and piƱata. 

Trigger Thumb

Elayna had surgery on her left thumb. They call it a trigger thumb. 

We arrived at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital at 10 am and on time. Checked in and registered. They took us back soon. We talked to her nurses. They had surgeons nurse come and drew a wolf for her on her bed. We got her changed into surgery clothes. Another nurse checked temperature, heart and blood pressure. Took two times to do blood pressure, holding still is not easy to do.  Elayna played nurse and took her temperature and listened to her own heart. Anesthesiologist came and talked to her. He asked if she could stick her tongue out at him. She did not want too. Surgeon came and saw her as well. The head anesthesiologist came by and asked questions. We got a surprise and saw Debra Klotter. We were happy that she would be there. She was Elayna primary teacher at church and she adores her. Us parents were feeling better seeing her. Another nurse came and talked with Elayna about what was going to happen.  Elayna picked out her scent, strawberry and her drink, cherry slurpee. They showed her mask and how bed moved and helped her feel at ease. At 10:56 am she was wheeled away in her bed. Happy and not as nervous as before. We waited in waiting area. Around 30 minutes. I went to restroom and they came and talked to Asher that she was waking up. The surgeon talked to us next. All went well. Soon we were brought back to see her in recovery. She was still confused. She could not remember  what happened and we reassured her that she did have surgery. She drank her cherry slurpee and asked for another. She wet her panties while under and they got her cleaned up. If we have next time I will remember extra panties to wear home. She did not throw up. Daddy carried her out of hospital. I sat with her in the car. She took it easy rest of day. 
Her thumb is working perfectly now!

Lost Tooth #3

Lilia pulls and tanks her teeth out. It took her around 30 minutes to get that tooth out. The tooth fairy came. ;)

Gymnastic: Elayna

She has enjoyed gymnastics this year. She loved ger teacher Ms. Tonie and her friends.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Elayna Swim Lessons

She loves her swimming lessons. We are hoping to get her ready for summer swimming.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Elayna 5th Birthday

Elayna we are happy you are in our  family. We love you very much. Height  is 42.25 inches. Weight is 41 lbs. You are wearing size 5 clothes. Eleven size shoes. You love playing with My Little Pony figurines, legos, puzzles, painting, coloring and all your stuffed animals. You give us smiles, hugs and kisses. You love playing with your sister and friends.