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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Lilia is interested in puzzles. We got a 3 in one puzzle for her birthday. They are not the best design for 3 year old. I do not know a lot about puzzles but I am learning a few things. I thought this puzzle would be great because it is on thin wood and not cardboard. The puzzle pieces are interchangeable--the picture does not match but the puzzle pieces fit. This confuses Lilia and she gets frustrated. Well she gets frustrated faster.  The pictured puzzle is cardboard and the pieces are unique. She enjoyed the puzzle and did not get frustrated. So, when buying a puzzle, take a closer look especially if puzzle is for a younger child.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty Nails

Lilia loves for her toes and nails to be painted. She has many favorite colors. I have not painted my nails in forever. I try to keep my toes painted. This blue is not my color but may look better in natural lighting.  


While I got dinner got quiet in the house. Hmm.....what were my girls doing? I went to investigate and found them reading. Aww, I love it! I had to get picture. Elayna loves to be near and doing what Lilia is doing. They are so good to each other.

Busy at the Park

We called up a friend and headed to the park. Elayna was busy climbing stairs most of the time.  She followed Lilia around and tried to keep up with her.
Lilia went potty outside with my help. I am proud of her. She told me she had to go. Hmm, no restroom, found a private spot and held her while she went. I had wipes so we were good. I did not know if she would relax enough to go. Lilia loves being outside, running and playing.
Lilia made a friend at park and followed her every where. The little girl was probably 4 years old and did not know what to do with Lilia.
We came home for lunch and they are sleeping now. I love the park on nice days like this.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Kim Pop

I made Kim pop for dinner. Lilia watched and tried to help. This is a favorite Korean side dish. We ate it at picnics and such when we were in Korea.  Here is the conversation with Lilia.
Mommy: "Do you like it?"
Lilia: "It not bad."
Mommy: I can't remember exactly but said it was yummy. Then Lilia says...
Lila: "It not really bad."
Mommy: I told her this was daddy's favorite.

She ate 3 total and was done. Elayna loved all the pieces separately, rice,avacado, fried egg, tuna, carrot and seaweed.

School Work

Lilia loves school.
1. Checked Weather and changed the chart.
2. Days of the Week.
3. Matching Game (princess)
4. Shapes, hand/pen control, shorter and longest.
5. Shape and color (flash cards)
6. Dora Letters
7. Read-- 911 Book and practised on pretend phone.
8. Kick ball outside
That was the school day. We will read more books and play. I love watching her face when she is concentrating. So cute. Elayna watched Lilia from my lap.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Warm Day

Today was 74 degrees! We got the shorts out and went outside to play.  We kicked the princess ball and Lilia rode her big wheels. We had so much fun. Elayna walked, ran and climbed everything. She loves the ball and chasing it. The forecast says it will be cold tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Day of School

We are starting school.  We talked about what the weather was today. We worked on hand control, same or matching. She loved the activities. We are also working on her chores.
1.  Get dressed and stay dressed.
2.  Set the table for meals.
3.  Brushing teeth.
4.  Combing hair.
We are encouraging and make it fun. She loves to help.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Flour Tortillas

Lilia helped me make flour tortillas. They were yummy! Yep, that is a large pile of dishes in the background. Dishes are not my thing but I love cooking and making a mess.  Later in the week I made enchiladas and used too much red pepper. Way too hot to eat! I freezed the sauce in small amounts to use in other dishes.

Family Fun (part 2)

Family Fun part 2:  We waited in line a long time for Lilia to jump. She had a blast jumping and I think she would go again. We ate cotton candy while we waited. I told Lilia it was pink clouds and they are magical. The girls were tired. We slept well.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lilia Talk

Lilia was helping daddy get water before bed. He turned the lights out. She was suppose to stay in bed but wanted to help. She hit the wall. Lilia said, "It got dark and I bonked my head".  She makes is laugh.

I tell her that she cracks me up and she will tell me later that I crack her up.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Fun (part 1)

We had a great time tonight. Daddy's work had a family fun night.  We had pizza, salad and fruit punch. Then we headed to the soft play area. Lilia played in the ball cage, climbed up into the tunnels (picture coming in part two) and went down the slides. Daddy took her roller skating but that did not work out so great. Lilia did not like skating. Still a little young for skating. We watched daddy go around a few times.  Elayna and I aLleging around, drank water from a water bottle and ate cotton candy. This is the first time Elayna actually wanted to eat more cotton candy. Lilia ate some as well told her she was eating pink clouds.  

Kisses for Daddy

Lilia loves her daddy. She gave him a lot of kisses. She sings and dances for him as well. She greets him when he gets home from work with hugs and kisses. Elayna is right behind Lilia and expects  kisses and hugs. Daddy loves his girls.

What a Beautiful Mess

Elayna decided to do some reading. She loves books. She usually does not tear books, unless she is in the mood.

Monday, February 13, 2012

As Big as the Doll, Hair and Library

Elayna is bigger than this doll. She was carrying the doll around the house. She would not stand or sit still so I could get a good picture. She played with the doll for a while and talked to her.
Lilia let me fix her hair before we left the house. I think it turned out great.
We went to the library today. Lilia listened to the stories but kept worrying about Elayna wandering off. If Elayna got too far, Lilia picked her up under her arms and brought her back. I kept telling Lilia that I would watch Elayna and for her to sit and listen to stories.  Story time is in a room with a door that was closed. Elayna was not going anywhere. Lilia played with her friend Abby. They sat next to each other and read books. We had a great time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peek-a-boo Elayna

Elayna loves to play Peek-a-boo with us. Lilia loves to make her laugh. Lilia is hiding under the blanket on the left side of the picture.

Loaf of Bread

We made bread today. Lilia loves to help. She made her own loaf and ate it as well. She shared a slice with Elayna. I love my little baker.

Drawing Circles

Lilia wanted to draw. She practised circles. She did a great job!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I did the girls laundry and had it ready to fold on the couch.  Elayna found her blankie and carried it all over the house.  She would not hold still for me to take a picture.  She loves her blankie.  This is the first time she has carried her blankie around.  The blanket usually stays in her crib. 

Dressed Myself: Lilia

Lilia dressed herself to go outside and play today.  She also did not want a picture taken of her. So cute.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Elayna 13 Months Old

Elayna you are a very busy child. You love to play and eat. Walking, climbing and trying to run are the three things you love to do. You hold your hands/arms for balance. Elayna you follow Lilia around and want to do what she does. You look for Lilia when she is napping. We love you so much. You have a high pitch scream you use when things are not going your way. We will work on the scream. You are very much loved and have many friends. Everyone at church wants a smile from you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Outside...Learning with Chalk

We headed outside today and the weather was awesome. Sunshine is always wecome. It was 77 degrees in our house. Outside was a little cooler. Elayna found a worm. Lilia was fascinated but not touching or getting close to it. Elayna would have smashed the worm if I let her. We put it back in the grass. Lilia used chalk and drew on the road. Elayna tried to eat the chalk. Had to taste it. Lilia practiced what to do if a car came down our street. I say "car" and she goes to the tree in our yard. I get Elayna, not her. Not a lot of cars on our street but it is good to practice. The mail lady came and Lilia knew what to do. She went right to the tree when I said "car". After Lilia tired of playing with the chalk we kicked the ball and I ran after Elayna who loves to walk down the street. I then drew shapes on the road and had Lilia find the shape I called out. She knows hard ones...oval and diamond. We talked about shadows. Lilia knew what a shadow was from the Peter Pan movie. When we came inside we washed up and had water to drink. We were thirsty. I think I wore them out. They are going to sleep great tonight.