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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Duet on the Piano

Lilia and Elayna play on the piano at least once a day or more. Lilia does not bang but mimicks what we do. Elayna still bangs but is learning to press keys with fingers.

Daddy's Childhood Home (Grandparents Home)

The girls love going to grandma and grandpa's house. Love the decorations for the 4th of July. Also, look at those flowers! Lilia wants to pick some next time.

Beautiful Mess!

My girls do not mind getting dirty. They had the best time playing. They took a bath when we got inside. Rinsed them off first and got the dirt down the drain and then gave them a bath.

Play Dough Fun

It has been a while since we played with play dough. Elayna did not eat it this time. Both girls played for about 30 minutes. Yeah!

I Can Swim in the Deep End

Lilia earned  her certificate by passing the deep end swim test. She had to take at least three breaths. She did it with 4 breaths! So proud of her. We got the shirt for her.

Elayna's First Nursery Class

Elayna you did not know what to expect and you did great. Lilia was so excited for you to join her. About 20 minutes later they brought you to me for diaper change. You were a mess. I got you cleaned up and you went right back with Emily. You were very happy to see me when we picked you and Lilia up. So far if Lilia goes with you then you are fine in nursery. They have a plastic slide that you love.
I love the face you are making!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Head Bands

Lilia found this head band and I had to get a few pictures. She was happy to smile so I took a few shots. Love your beautiful smile!

Cookie and Water Snack after Swimming

It is getting hot here. After swimming Lilia needs a snack. The setting was too cute and Lilia would not smile. Love the faces they make.

Swim Lessons: jumping and swimming with no noodles.

Lilia is getting ready to jump. Her teacher is in the water. The water is 9 feet deep. Previous lessons she has jumped in on the floating noodle and swam to side, today no noodle. We are very happy that she is swimming. Lilia loves the water and is fearless.

Learning How to Pray

Elayna looking fabulous in her pig tails. Lilia showed me how we pray. Fold arms, bow head and close eyes. Lilia loves to pray. Elayna is watching Lilia and has her arms folded. We love our girls.

Smiles on the Slide

Elayna climbed the latter to the slide all on her own. Lilia was right behind her ready to go down. They had a great time playing. I love seeing their smiles.

Lilia feeding Elayna

Lilia decided to help Elayna eat her dinner. She got a few bites into her mouth. Lilia had a hard time waiting for her to chew the food. I also like how Lilia is saying, "aww" as she feeds her.