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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Bunny

Daddy's work has Easter Egg Hunt every year. We try to go. Asher missed because he was helping friends move. Grandma and Grandpa R usually help with the set up etc but this year they were free to help with the girls. We got a picture with the Easter Bunny. Elayna was okay with it but Lilia was not happy. They got bunny rabbits.  
This year it was rainy and cold so the Egg Hunt was inside. Grandpa took Lilia but would not go into the room without one of us. I tried to get picture of Elayna and Grandma but could not find them in the dining area. I went with Lilia into the room. Lilia knew what to do. She got 14 eggs. Lilia is shy and considerate of others. Elayna figured it out quick. Grandma said she shook the eggs to see if they had candy. Grandma told her to wait and just get the eggs into the bag. She got 27 eggs. Most of the candy was chocolate so the girls could not eat it. I traded them for Oreo cookies.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Day of PreSchool for Lilia

We started yesterday but it was more of a trial run. Today she got dressed and brushed her teeth and we were ready to go. We are doing a workbox system. I love it. Each box has an activity. Writing, puzzles, practice the piano, sorting, cut and paste, lacing cards, calendar work, science, art, math, computer time, excercise and more. Some of activities she can do on her own and a few she needs me to help. We are going to try for 3 times a week for school. We are keeping it fun.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Face

Lilia put this face together and then came and got me so I could see what she had made. She is so creative!

Elayna's Smile, 26 Months

This is a little late. Here is Elayna at 26 months. She loves to smile. She is wearing 24 and 2T clothes, big girl panties, size 6 shoes and size 4 diapers at night. She runs, jumps and skips. She is starting to sing her own songs. She loves to sing: I Am a Child of God, Wise Men, Sunbeam and Daddy song. She does not like to eat soft mushy food. She loves eating any meat, rice, broccoli, Asian pears, mango, apples, pickles and avacados. She dresses up and carries purses and bags full of her treasures.

What to do during Lilia's piano lesson?

While Lilia is in her piano lesson Elayna and I need to be out of sight. I brought the girls computer and showed Elayna how to use it.
I love her red ruby shoes!

Update on Elayna:
Elayna has reached the age where she wants to do everything by herself. She says, "I do it or my self". Makes us smile and we get to wait while she tries.
She is mostly potty trained. She tells me when she needs to go. She loves to go to the potty at every store. She has accidents when I don't go fast enough. Her diaper at night stays dry most nights. She is waking up in the middle of the night and we think it is becausevdhe needs to go potty. She throws a huge fit but does go potty. She usually goes back to sleep. So we are all a little tired in the morning.

Cold and Sunny!

We are going outside more to potty train the dog. Marisol is getting better about going outside. She loves it outside. The girls love being outside as well. They rode their bikes and drew pictures with chalk. It was cold but sunny. We love sunshine!

Monday, March 18, 2013

First Day of Piano Lessons with Grandma

Lilia had a great time with Grandma at her first piano lesson. She is learning rhythm, white keys and black keys, how to sit at the piano. She keeps asking to go to her lesson. We are going once a week for a 15 minute lesson. I hope to get another picture.

A Day with a Friend

Lilia had a friend come over for the day. We had a great day. They got their hair done. The tea party was great but we did not dress up. I think it was better, less spills because of extra clothes. Next time we will dress up. Lunch was great. Then we made big bed on the floor and they fell asleep. Elayna was in between them but kept moving around. After a short nap they played and it was time to go.

Playing School and Self Portrait

Lilia and Elayna packed their back packs and pretended they were going to school. They play great together most of the time.
Lilia drew this picture of herself and wrote her name.

A Performance!

Lilia picked out her clothes and dressed herself. She is wearing her new sweater from her birthday. She is standing up on the rung of the chair to sing. She is singing very loud in this picture about Jesus. She makes us smile.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lilia: Cut, Sort and Paste

We are doing more school work. Lilia loves it! She does a calendar, weather and we are working on letters (a, s, c, g, f, d, o). She writes them in salt with finger while we say the sounds. She also writes her name. Today she found thus sheet that I printed and I put it in scrap paper. She wanted to do it. I did not think she could cut out a pattern. I wad wrong! She loves to cut paper but has never cut out shapes till today. We will do more of this. I cut the top part off for sorting and explained the two columns. She told me to go away and let her do it. No hovering for mommy! She cut out the pieces and had them sorted in piles. I got the glue stick and showed her how and she glued them down. Again no hovering for mommy. She did a great job. I wanted more pictures but no hovering!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Coloring and Cooking

Lilia and Elayna will color for about 15 minutes. Lilia is drawing more faces and picking colors. Elayna just colors everything and uses a lot of crayons.
Lilia helped me make Brownies and Elayna licked the bearers. She had brownie all over. I love my helpers!