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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lilia and Marisol

Best Friends!

Birthday Pajamas from Grandparents

My mom sent the girls birthday presents a couple of weeks ago. They love them! I waited to give Elayna hers so she would gave something to open when Lilia was getting all the attention and gifts. My two beautiful girls in their birthday jammies! Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Birthday Pictures, Lilia 4 years old, part 2

Pictures in front of the piano. We took a lot the silly pictures and those are on the other camera. You make us smile. These pictures were taken before the party. You are very excited about turning 4 years old. You are wearing 4-5T clothes and size 10 shoes. You love your hair braided in the back or wild. You sing, dance, swim and climb. You make us smile and laugh.

Lilia's Birthday (4 years old)

Lilia decided she wanted a Sofia the First birthday party. We had decorations from Dollar General and Disney store. Daddy made a lunch break trip for the cake toppers/toys. Daddy also hung the streamers. Guests were family and friends (Grandparents, neighbors, Aunt, and friends). We had a great time. The cake was chocolate with strawberries in the middle. The frosting was a jello/egg white frosting and was yummy. Lilia got a little grumpy/shy once party started. She would not smile for me. She wanted to open our present before everyone got there and we had tears. She recovered quickly but she would not smile for the camera. Aunt Annie and Lilia share their birthday. I can't believe she is four years old! Lilia got clothes and accessories, piano lesson books (grandma is giving Lilia piano lessons), pajamas, Sofia doll, Lady Bug game and lacing cards. She knows how to open presents! The last present was from Annie. Annie got a dog about a month ago. Lilia loved the dog instantly. Her name is Angel Marisol Sofia. We call her Mari. Annie got the dog for Lilia but she needed to grow up little etc before Lilia got her. I think Lilia still does not believe Mari is hers. She keeps asking me. Lilia loves her and is very responsible and caring. Welcome to the family Marisol!

Birthday Pictures, Lilia 4 years old, part 1

We took pictures on my bed. Lilia you are so much fun. You let me fix your hair even though you did not want poke tails (pig tails). She did all the poses herself.

Family Time...potty training

Lilia helped Elayna go potty. She helps with the panties, getting on potty and reading the book. Daddy helped and Elayna loves the attention.  Notice where her panties are -- on the floor.

A Tall Tower

We spent the morning building towers.

Hair Fine Wild!

I braided Elayna's hair in two French braids. This is what it looked like at bath time. She is so cute.

Doctors Office Waiting Room

We went with a friend to the doctor. I watched all the kids in the waiting room. They were good considering how long we were there. We colored, played with stickers, danced and had a treat. We headed to Whole Foods to shop. What a fun store! I found Kombucha, Ghee and other fun stuff.

Drawing and Picture of Daddy

Lilia drew this picture and told me it was daddy. Elayna is still learning to not draw on the walls but the white board.

Grandpa's Cell Phone

Elayna helping Grandpa R with his phone. He was talking to her Aunt Mimi. She was so quiet. I knew she would be into something.

Herbert Training Pants

Wearing her training pants.

Chocolate Valentine Sugar Cookies

I found recipe for chocolate sugar cookies. The recipe was complicated and had dairy. I tweaked (added brown sugar and cocoa powder) Momma Rose Best Ever Sugar Cookies recipe and they are yummy! The girls rolled out the dough and made a lot of hearts. Elayna ate all of her dough and Lilia nibbled here and there. We had great time baking and got flour and dough everywhere!

Chocolate Sugar Cookies
1 1/2 C sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
3/4 C cocoa powder
1 C soft margarine or coconut oil
3 eggs
Cream above ingredients in mixer.
1 tsp vanilla
Add to mixer.
4 1/2 C flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
Stir in the above.

Kneading in all flour; chill. Roll 1/4 inch thick. Ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 350 degrees F for about 9 minutes.

Valentines Day Card

The girls got Valentine's Day card from Aunt Annie. They loved opening the card and Lilia "read" it to us. She let me read it later to them. They love their Annie! Thank you Annie!

Starting the Day with a Surprise!

Lilia decided to help Elayna take all her clothes and diaper off and wear big girl panties (they were Lilia's). I had a bag ready with Elayna's panties, two dolls that wet and potty chart. I just was not ready myself to train her. I got the cute picture and then she wet all over. She was surprised. We got the dolls out and had them drink water and pee in the potty. Elayna loved this and Lilia did too. We drank a lot of water and had a lot of wet panties. Sticker chart had few stickers for sitting on potty but none for peeing. I think she did once. When lunch and nap came along we put diaper on her. At dinner Elayna threw tantrum and insisted on sitting in daddy's lap to read the newspaper.

She peeded twice in panties and then Pooped on the potty! I bought more of the Gerber training pants. We took a break potty training yesterday to go visiting teaching for church.

Elayna woke up with dry diaper! Okay never happened before. Elayna decided she wanted to wear panties, not the training panties but fairy panties (do not absorb anything). Great :) She pees and poopes in the potty! Yeah! She wears diaper for nap time and diaper is dry. This girl can hold it. Yikes! We also gave up on the sticker chart. No interest. Reading books on the potty--very interested. "Things that Go" (Same book Lilia loved and it is all about cars, boats and things that go. Not a word about potty.)

Elayna woke up with dry diaper from night time.  She decided to wear her fairy panties. I know I should be happy but I am trying to finish up birthday party preparations for Lilia's birthday. I don't want to spend all day in the bathroom. Elayna wanted big girl panties so we went for it. She did great, told me when she has to go, "poopy". This means pee and poop. She also likes to take panties all the qT off when sitting on the potty. She stayed dry during nap time but I had a diaper on her. She loves reading the "Things that Go" book. She was in panties till bedtime and we were all up late.

I think this child trained herself to go potty. We are very proud of her. Church will be fun on Sunday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Crazy Hair

Elayna loves these hair bands! She wanted all of them in her hair.

Last night was a memory I don't want to forget. I asked Elayna what song she wanted to sing. She said, "wise men". I repeated the song name and she said, "good idea". (This is her first time saying this phrase) We sang the song. It has hand motions and she loves it. Then we asked her again what she wanted to sing and she said, "kind and dear".  I said, "I Am a Child of God" (this is the real name of song) and she said, "good idea".  We sang the song. Lilia loves this song as well. Daddy asked Lilia to pray (in Korean). Lilia prayed really fast. She was sitting in my lap.  Elayna was sitting in front of Lilia. Daddy asked Elayna to pray. Lilia quickly started to help her. Lilia would say bless and then name mommy, daddy, Lilia, Elayna, Annie, doggie, etc. Elayna repeated each name. Blessed prophet then Lilia said, "name (Elayna repeated), Jesus (Elayna repeated), Christ (Elayna repeated), Amen (Elayna repeated)". This was a longer prayer and Lilia helped Elayna to pray. They hugged and cheered at the end. We are so blessed. We love our girls. They are learning to pray and why we pray.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Silly Faces

Lilia would rather make silly faces that smile for me. We love all her silly faces! Her sense of humor is so great. She tries to make jokes and they are funny because of the presentation. Example: Lilia clears throat with fist over her mouth and twinkle in eye. Pause. Then fist is raised and she says, "duhh".  Why? We don't know why but she then laughs so hard. We of course laugh as well.

Lilia we love you!