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Monday, April 29, 2013

Marisol and Lilia

Marisol and Lilia playing and snuggling together.

Uncle Derek

We love uncle Derek. Elayna loves playing the piano and sitting with him. Lilia loves playing with him and the dogs he brings with him. We look forward to seeing him home and will miss him while he is deployed.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Not a Fun Morning

Elayna woke up throwing up stomach acid. Tuesday she did same but after breakfast and only once. Then she was fine. Today she has been sick since 6:45 am. I am getting a pedialyte ice pop in her and that is helping. She tried crackers and they came up. Rough morning.

Reading Magazines

I found the two princesses reading magazines on the couch. Smiles all around. Lilia was reading the Korean Liahona and Elayna was reading High Five.

White Iris

My awesome neighbors gave me some iris plants last fall and they are blooming now! I love them! Less room for weeds in my flower beds.

Not Feeling Well

We got the bug here a week ago or so. The girls are feeling better but Elayna has acid reflux now. Working on getting her feeling better.

Playing Piano: Elayna Style

Elayna loves to play piano. Last week she opened the seat and was sitting inside the bench with her Eeyore.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Best Friends

Bill and Elayna are friends. She loves giving him hugs and kisses. She backs up to him and she knows he will pick her up. She checks up on him in his room and the kitchen. We love Bill and Louise!

Elayna Quotes

Elayna Quotes:

"Never" instead of NO.

"pee ew" smells something or when she has pooped in the potty.

"Where is my lapstick?" lipstick or chapstick

"me drive" as she tries to climb into the front seat of the van.

"potty mommy, potty" This means she needs to go, now! Or has already gone a little.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mowing the lawn with Daddy

Daddy was mowing the lawn tonight. Lilia wanted to ride and drive the mower. Elayna decided she wanted to sit with daddy. I think this was one if the first times ever. They had a great time and so did dad.

Floor versus Bed

We spend money on beds and they prefer sleeping on the floor! They make me smile and laugh.

Floor versus Bed

We spend money on beds and they prefer sleeping on the floor! They make me smile and laugh.

Decorating the Mail Box

The girls enjoy drawing with chalk. The mail box was a great canvas.

Sleeping Angel

My little angel sleeping.

Lilia's First Portrait

I would guess she did this about six months ago for grandma R.

Dinner at Captain D's

The girls love seafood and corn on the cob! Here are their pirate faces. Scary! The sun was blinding us during dinner.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Washing the Car: Before and After

We washed the cars today. The girls had a great time. They are so cute. Elayna mostly played in the suds and Lilia was washing random spots. What a great day!

Home Depot Craft

The girls made bird feeders today at the Home Depot. Daddy helped Lilia and I helped Elayna build the bird feeders. They love painting.

Ta Da!

Lilia dressed up for us and danced. She helped Elayna dress up later. She loves hats and shoes.

Tooth Paste

Elayna got into the tooth paste while I was preparing lunch. A quick bath and she felt better. Her skin is still irritated. She has very sensitive skin. She said to me, "sorry, mommy".

Preschool Science Workbox

Today we learned about floating and sinking in Science. We sorted, tested our guesses and then talked about what floated and what sunk. Lilia wrote her own name on her paper. Love that smile!

Kids in a Box!

Our girls love boxes! Best toy ever and can be recycled later. They decided to share and squeeze into this box. Funny faces for the picture.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lilia Quotes

Lilia Quotes:

"She is ruffing at me." (She is talking about Marisol our toy chi)

"Mommy, if daddy snores tonight, just come sleep in my bed, okay?" She can sleep through anything!

Asher was singing as he came into the kitchen, "Hey, Hey, Mari-sol" and Lilia finished... "Goodbye Heart" Where did she learn that song?!

"Come on mommy let's dance!"

Some other things she does that makes me smile:
*Talks on the phone with Aunt Annie. She pretends to talk to her. Very animated! I think we need to call Annie and have a real conversation.
*Holds Elayna's hand and leads the way.
*Plays the piano and sings at the same time. She makes up her own songs.
*Took all her clothes off and went potty outside. Her explanation, "Just like a doggie".
*Makes funny faces.

Men's Polo shirt to 4T Girl Shorts

I needed to make my girls some shorts for the summer. Daddy was cleaning his closet. His polo shirts could make shorts! I also wanted longer shorts than what I can buy. I found some boy shorts in a turquoise that were long and modest.

Looking around on Pinterest and I found what I needed.


And for hem:

They look great on her!  Now to make some in 2T size for the next one. Thanks Mom for the encouragment and advice.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Morning and the Bunny

Lilia and I had a talk today. We talked about Easter and why we celebrate. Jesus Lives! We have been watching videos about Easter. Then I told her about Bunny and how he hides a basket for her and Elayna. Elayna found hers quickly, we put it in plain sight. Lilia had to look for hers. No candy in any baskets. So they were not on sugar high for church. They got puzzles, shoes, stamp rings, containers, stickers, growing eggs and crayons.