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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dressing Up and Listening to Book

The girls love dressing up. I got some books on tape from library. They are listening to Mrs Nelson is Missing.  This is one of Ashers' favorite books.

Making Pink Cherry Cupcakes

Elayna loves to cook with Mommy. She helped count eggs and stirring everything.  Her favorite job was licking the beaters and bowl.

Fancy Lilia and Elections

Lilia had to dress up as a book character.  We choose Fancy Nancy. They colored an elephant by numbers at school. I thought it was fitting right before the election. We took girls with us when we voted.

Cutie Mark

Elayna loves My Little Pony. When she asks to watch Netflix it is to watch My Little Pony. 
Eeyore is her softie and she sleeps with it. She would like to take Eeyore everywhere.  She put a sticker on him and let us know that was his cutie mark just like pony's have. Wow! I think Elayna is the Cutie!

Reading Cereal Boxes

I am sure Asher and I never did this! Lilia lined up the boxes this morning and was reading. I mentioned to Asher that I never did this! :) She makes us smile! 

Tom Turkey in disguise!

The school sent a letter home from Tom Turkey.  He did not want to be Thanksgiving dinner. He asked us to help him with a disguise.  Lilia wanted a cat at first but I convinced her that a peacock would be better. 

Dino Park

We went to the Dino Park because we were in the area. We had our friends meet us. Lilia loves this park. Elayna told me the dinosaur was eating her. 

Turkey Lunch

We went to Lilia's school and had Thanksgiving Lunch. I missed a picture of Elayna and Grandma.  Her teacher took a picture so hopefully we will are it. This was Lilia's first time buying lunch from cafeteria. Tomorrow they get to eat in the classroom. 

Monday, November 3, 2014