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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Daddy's Girls

We love daddy! Lilia did not want her picture taken. Then she changed her mind and Elayna would not look. Here are the best pictures.


We got to go to the circus. Wow, it was fun. Lilia does not like clowns. The girls love icees. Elayna ate a lot of cotton candy. Grandpa R and Daddy took them down to see the animals and maybe ride a long, elephant or camel. It was a "No". They would not go for a ride. Oh well, it cost extra anyway. Next time. Lilia loved the butterfly acrobats. Elayna enjoyed first bit and then got sleepy. We had a great time.

Coloring Right and Left

They are coloring together. Notice who is left and right handed. Lilia is getting more detailed in her coloring. Elayna scribbles away.

Park and Heights

These girls are fearless at the park. They love to swing high and climb high things.

Elayna's First Official Swim Lesson

We are taking swim lessons. I am in the water with Elayna. She is doing great. Needs to learn that this is not all fun time but work and learning. She can swim akready. More teaching her safety and rules (who is incharge....Mommy).
Lilia and her friend are in a class at same time as Elayna's class. Lilia loves to swim. Just getting basics and more practice. It takes a little while to get us all dry and clothed to go home but my friend helps. Thank you. Less stress. She also keeps an eye on Lilia for me.
*Elayna will not sit or stand still for a picture.

My Little Monsteretts

Her are my monster girls. Grandma R gave them slap bracelets and these fake teeth. They had fun playing and love the bracelets.

A Day with a Friend

We had a friend over. We spent all day together. It was a great day. They had tea party and played. I left them alone after few minutes. Water will not hurt much. The table was very wet, kitchen towel and Elayna. Easy to clean up. We had mini Oreo's for the cookies. I almost forgot but not these girls. We ate lunch and then cleaned up and headed to the park. Lilia got jealous if her friend showed interest in other kids at the park. It was interesting to watch. Elayna climbed higher on the webing dome. I had to get her down. Great day. Tired kids.

Googlie Eyes Art Project

Art project for the day....googlie eyes on blank paper. The girls used water colors to paint their "monster". Lilia decided hers was Doc Mcstuffin. Elayna had fun mixing colors. This project kept them busy for 45 minutes. Yeah! They also loved painting.

Shopping for Lilia

We went shopping at Goodwill today. We spent $20 and we got four pairs of pants for Lilia , two skirts for Lilia, 4 puzzles for Elayna and a tall glass jar for mommy. Lilia needed needed clothes for winter. It was hard to find something that fit her without being skinny jeans (a four year old does not need them tight). We found two brand new never worn pants and they are cute. We are going to add sparkles to purple pair of pants. Now to get her to wear them!