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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Grey Griffins Series

I love to read. I enjoy reading children's literature. I just finished this series (well till the next book comes out).
The Grey Griffins Series by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis. It is a fun series so far. I like the good versus evil and then the adventure the books take me on. I think it is one way to escape to another place. It amazes me how authors can think of such places and write so that I can see them in my head. I wish I had that kind of talent.

I am now reading this:

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Okay, here are the Santa Clause cookies I made for this years cookie party. Way too many! Can you find the Santa Clause that is not like the others?

Just for information there are 32 cookies in a package of Nutter Butters.

I also made these yummy cookies. A friend of mine, Denise taught me how to make these. Ritz crackers (or generic), peanut butter and chocolate bark. I used ghirardelli chocolate and it makes a big difference. I also found piping the peanut butter with a zip lock baggie on to the crackers was easier than spreading it with a knife.

I have enjoyed baking this Christmas season. I am getting ready to make peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses in the middle. I also made Mexican Wedding cookies which is my mother-in-laws recipe and one of my favorites.

I still have one more gift to get and I am done with the shopping. It is really not a gift but more of a tradition with both families. Mixed NUTS with shells. I have fond memories of cracking nuts during Christmas. I have to get some nut crackers though!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season with some fun baking and enjoying the friends who eat the food.

Hint: One Santa does not have a red nose!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Raleigh Ringers

My friend, Debbie told me about the Raleigh Ringers. She is a handbell ringer at her church. I have heard her group and it is so beautiful. I looked up the Raleigh Ringers on Google and found where and when they were playing here in TN. Debbie told me that they were the best and that I should go hear them. So, Asher and I went and heard them play. Wow, they were awesome. I love listening to great music. If you go to the website and look in the Gallery you can listen to some samples from their albums.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birthday Month-November

Asher and I are a year older. We both have November birthdays! I decided to celebrate separately this year. We usually do it together. Less cake, same amount of presents. I made Asher's cake. I think it turned out. It was a chocolate cake with caramel, toffee, and whip cream. I layered everything and put it in the fridge. Tasted Great! I also made dinner and made his favorites, Moroccan Shrimp with rice. I am still working on that recipe but it was all gone at the end of the meal.

I did not want to make my own cake and so I had a friend make my cake. I had a coupon from her for a free cake. Lydia Spencer is so awesome. She made my wedding cake for the reception here in TN. I remember she gave me a magazine with cakes in it and I just picked one. It was just like the picture and tasted great! Her cakes always taste so good. I think that is hard to do as well as look good. I have a problem with that area at least. I called her up and asked if she had time to make my birthday cake. She asked what I wanted and I had no idea but I did want chocolate! I told her things I like to do and sewing was on the list.

She made my cake in the shape of a sewing basket. It had everything. She also made me a Pooh Bear! Asher calls me his Pooh Bear. I know it is silly but it was fun that she made one.

We had a great birthdays! It was a fun time. The cake is gone and everything tasted great. I can say that we had a great birthday.

Thanksgiving and Family

We had a great Thanksgiving. The Rose family had 7 of the children home. We missed having Alicia and Mimi's families with us. Lots of family and friends. Mike, Melinda and Ethan and Derek stayed at our house. It was fun to have a baby in the house. It was relaxing. Nothing was rushed or hurried. I miss everyone.
Here are some pictures in random order and I will try and explain what was going on:
Asher is kissing pictures please!
I am laughing here after the previous picture!
Pop took us all out to eat. We went to Pancho Villa. Yummy! I think the waiters were confused. Half spoke Spanish and the rest of us English. Our order was a large one but they did a great job! They brought the hats out for us and we took lots of pictures. I think they had a lot of fun watching us act silly in the hats and we devoured all the food. They kept bring out more chips and salsa!
This is Aunt Annie with Ethan. He is in all the pictures! Everyone had to hold him and play with him. He is six months old. I love Annie's hat!
Aunt Lin with Ethan. He is good with everyone. He has a cute pout but it is not quite there yet.
Uncle Josh trying to get Ethan to sleep. He did not want to miss anything! He was definitely the center of a lot of attention.
Uncle Asher got him all tired and he fell asleep.
Uncle Derek can make him laugh. He has a very unique laugh. I got a video of his laugh but I will post that later.
We crammed in the van to go to Opry Mills. Momma and Pop drove John and Cristy to the airport and met us there. They had an empty van so we squished into our van. Anyway, you get the idea. Ethan was in the car seat and had the most room. Tuni sat on the floor. Derek is peeking up from the back of the van. No seat for him. On the way home it was just right.
A group picture of all the boys. They are handsome boys!
Uncle John and Aunt Cristy holding Ethan.
Aunt Amy(me) playing with Ethan after his bath. He was so happy and I got him to laugh. I had a good time playing with him and I even got to babysit for a couple of hours late on.
Aunt Tuni and Ethan. I had a hard time choosing which picture to post. She had so many cute ones. Tuni is so good with him. I think that is his tongue!
Grandma playing the piano with Ethan. He loves music and enjoys you singing to him. He likes a fast rhythm.
Mike and Asher went to the Beech High School vs. Hillsboro quarterfinal football game. They dressed up in the Beech colors. I took a normal one of them but this one is my favorite. They were going to paint their chests orange and blue but it was too cold outside. They have a lot of layers on to keep warm. Pop joined them later on to watch the game. Coincidentally, Hillsboro won and went on to win the state title.
Mike and Melinda without Ethan. I think we finaly took a picture with the three of them. That was the joke of the week. Pictures without Ethan and they are the parents!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are very thankful for family and friends. Hope you had a good one!