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Adoption Letter

Dear Birth Parents,

Although we do not know you, we understand what a difficult time you are experiencing. We often wonder who you might be and pray for your happiness and well-being. We hope you receive comfort and strength at this time of change. As we begin this process together, we want to tell you a little about our family. Amy will talk about Asher and vice versa. We will talk about Lilia and Elayna together.

We have come to understand that children come to families in many ways and recognize the courage it takes to place a child into adoption. Lilia and Elayna came to us this way and has been a great blessing in our life. We hope your courage will enable us to grow our family. We are so thankful you are willing to make that decision. We are excited about the prospect of adopting another child. Our family has already been blessed through adoption and we have many positive memories as a family and from our close friends.

We were married over 18 years ago. Although there have been challenges, we have many blessings. We live in a comfortable home. Asher has a good career and works with good people. Amy enjoys being home with Lilia and Elayna. Our life has been enriched through our many hobbies and by opening our home to family and friends.

When we first met, our lives were very different than they are now—we were both students working student jobs. After several months of dating, we wanted to marry, graduate and have a family. Graduation was a happy day in our marriage. We then proceeded into employment—Asher is an accountant and Amy is a homemaker.

As Amy learned much in her nine years as an elementary school teacher, she now gets to share her time, talents, interests and hobbies with Lilia and Elayna. While they play, Amy sews, scrapbooks, crochets, cooks, and blows glass. She loves reading children’s literature and reads to them everyday. They enjoy playing the piano together. Amy loves being a mother and teaching. Since Asher enjoys most sports, he is teaching Lilia and Elayna to enjoy the outdoors. He loves spending time with his girls. He enjoys taking them for walks, playing with them on the swing set, and just being outdoors. He is a very happy father. He is anxious to teach Lilia and Elayna about woodworking, reading, history and science, and about places to travel.

We are active at church and have a firm faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. We have actively served in many different capacities. Asher has served as a counselor in the stake and ward young men’s program, in the Elders quorum presidency, as a Primary teacher, Sunday School teacher, bishop, stake auditor, and high councilor. Amy has served in the stake and ward Young Women’s program, in the Relief Society presidency, as a Primary teacher, Sunday School teacher, ward camp director, and enrichment leader. We have been very fortunate in our service—wherever one is you will usually find the family. Most people only look for us as a family. That has been a great blessing in our lives.

We enjoy working together in our family. We want our children to grow up with both of us taking responsibility in the home. We want them to know their aunts, uncles and cousins. Lilia and Elayna have 21 cousins. We plan on continuing the family traditions of getting together often as we also enjoy spending time with extended family. Each of us has close families that visit each other as frequently as possible. Amy has three brothers. Asher has four brothers and four sisters.

Lilia is an active first grader and is the joy of our life. She loves reading, dancing, playing the piano, having visitors, climbing, running around and especially being outside. She is a very active and healthy little girl. Elayna is our four year old and little engineer.  She enjoys puzzles, play dough, painting, building with legos, and playing with her older sister.  We look forward to the day when Lilia and Elayna will be big sisters. We anticipate the time when our home will regularly echo with many more little footsteps.

We wish you the greatest blessings, courage and happiness in all you do. We pray you will be blessed with peace.

With love,

Asher and Amy

Email:  asherandamy at gmail dot com

Phone:  (805) Parents