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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute Mouth

Lilia fell asleep across my chest. She is two months. Her mouth is so cute! We went to the Amish store up in KY. I got 50 pounds each of wheat and oats and some yummy treats. I think the trip wore her out! My food storage is coming along. I replenish what we eat. Food storage is always a work in progress.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here is the question: Remove the binki or leave it? Removing it may awake her. Hmm, this is hard to decide. It took awhile for her to fall asleep. She looks so peaceful.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

BYU Hat and Pink Tennies

I could not resist putting the cute tennies on. They are actual shoes rubber and all. A co-worker left them on Asher's desk at work. The weather tonight is cooler so we could wear the BYU hat.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going to Grandma's House

Lilia is still asleep. We got an invite to eat at Momma's (Asher's parents). I got Lilia up and carried her to her car seat. She did not wake up! I had to take a picture because she had a cute double chin! She is 7 weeks old and is growing quickly.
She was great during church. Three hours is a long time! Feed her before sacrament meeting and then she burped nicely but would not go to sleep. She was pleasant and happy. Her eye lids were dropping but no sleep! Asher held her during sunday school and she was out. I held her during Relief Society and she was great. Church wears her out and makes her tired. Enjoy the picture!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Time

I love springtime in Tennessee! We planted this Tulip Magnolia and I love the blossoms on this tree. It looks like a bush right now. The last picture is of a Bradford Pear. The trees are all over our neighborhood. The white flowers are so pretty. I think of the primary song," Popcorn Popping".
I can hardly wait for the rest of my flowers to bloom!
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Sweet Bundle of Watermelon

I captured this picture on my phone last week. I wish I had my camera instead. She has the cutest look ever. She does not like to be bundled up where she cannot move her arms. She did not stay that way!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Lilia and the Easter Bunny

Lilia got to meet the Easter bunny. Asher's work had an activity for the children. We got our picture taken with the Easter bunny. We did not stay for the egg hunt etc.
I dressed her in a body suit that was very colorful and springlike. She got a bag of cotton candy, a purple lamb toy and a chocolate/marshmallow bunny. We of course ate those for her. I think the pictures turned out and everyone was cooing and ahhing at her.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Favorite Korean Foods

Okay, I know that Korean food is an acquired taste but I love it! I make a few things. I am sure they are not as good as the real thing but it is as close as I can make them.

Kimchi (fermented nampa cabbage with garlic, green onion and red pepper)
Kaenip (Korean perilla leaf with red pepper and soy sauce)
Ho-ddok (Pancake with cinnamon and sugar in the middle. I have not made this one but found a mix for it. I can hardly wait to make them. I am searching the internet for the recipe.)
Bulgogi (I have a Korean recipe book and it makes this. I recommend Americans get this when they eat at a Korean restaurant.)
Mandu (I have made these as well. I think the ones in Korea were better!)

I found a site that has a lot of recipes and has a great layout for Korean food. I like this site because it has videos to watch and great pictures of the food.

I have posted a few things and I am hoping a get some responses back on how to make them.

I purchased some seeds for Korean perilla leaves from Kitazawaseed. I hope they grow and that my green thumb kicks in! This is one dish that I can not find fresh her in the United States. It comes in a can. Yuck!

I am buying ingredients to make Kimchi tonight. I will try and post pictures.

Have fun cooking!

1 Month Old

Lilia is growing so fast. She loves her bouncer and especially the vibration movement. She is all snuggled up. She does not like to be bundled very much accept when asleep.

I love this look on her face. She is so cute. She is holding her head up and gives me a smile here and there.
Daddy just got home from work and found her in her bouncer. I had just put her in it so I could start dinner. She loves to be held and you can not help but hold her!

This is her one month old pictures. This rocker was given to her by the Ostermillers. She is going to love this chair as she gets older.

Grandma gave her this doll. I thought I got a picture of her next to the doll when she was first born but I can not find it. Here she is at one month old. Soon she will be able to hold the doll!