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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lilia 29 Months

Lilia you are 29 months old. You love to do everything yourself. If I call someone you get to talk to them as well. You know daddy goes to work. You say, "daddy work". You love to swim and will jump off the edge into the water. You love to go off the diving board. You sing all the time and make up your own songs. You give mommy, daddy and Elayna kisses. You say, "love you". You love to help set the table, do the dishes, fold laundry and put clothes into the washer. You will pick up toys when asked. You have started to hit mommy to get attention and just to hit. We play a game with a timer. We send you to your room and we hid the timer in the living room. The timer is set and ticking. You listen and find the timer. You are really good at this game and say, "shh" when we talk so you can hear. You also like to hide the timer but find it yourself. You love to read books. I will catch you in Elayna's room reading books. You love to eat with a fork. You are such a happy little girl. You got your hair cut and look all grown up. We love you so much. When I asked you to smile you give me a closed eyed grin.  You would not give me a regular smile. Oh, well.  We love ya!

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