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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lilia's Quotes

Lilia has been saying fun things, well to us they are funny.

"I want a bam bam!"
Translation: I need a band aid.

"My eyes are dripping". She says this when she is crying. She even gets more upset about her "dripping" eyes and then wipes her tears on your shirt.

I will tell Lilia to brush her teeth. She likes to put her own tooth paste on her brush. She will say, "I almost forgot!" It is the fact that she is excited and happy when she says it. She says this when I reminder to do other things. I usually get a hug as well.

At her birthday party, near the end she had a conversation with Aunt Annie. It went something like this:
Lilia: Annie, Grandpa is your daddy?
Annie: Grandpa is my daddy.
Lilia: Popie is daddy?
Annie: Yes, Poppie is my daddy.
Lilia: That old man your daddy?

I forget a lot of things she says but try and write them down.

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