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Friday, June 15, 2012

Elayna is 17 Months

Sorry a little late but better than not at all.
Elayna you are a busy little girl. You love to be outside and walking/running all over. You will pick up anything. You love containers and fill them up and then empty them. You love your Eeyore and blankies. You want to be big just like your sister. Elayna, you try and play with Lilia up sharing is not your strength or hers. You take a nap in the afternoon and only sleep 1 to 2 hours and no longer than 2 hours. I am so amazed by your happy smile and beautiful eyes. We love you so much. You are saying the following words: daddy, Momma, up, out, map, back pack, and few random sounds. Your scream is very high and loud. You love your daddy very much. You give hugs and kisses all the time. You love to dance and go in circles. You know the actions to "Happy and You Know It" song. I will catch you and Lilia reading books together. We love you so much.

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