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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dentist Trip

We have been talking about the dentist the last few days. The girls were excited until they took us back. Beckie was going to clean both girls teeth but they had a cancellation. Mary was available. Beckie took Elayna and Mary took Lilia. I stayed with Lilia otherwise she was not going to budge. They opened the window between the rooms. I could here Elayna and Beckie talking. I sat with Lilia. Lilia is getting her six year old molars. Cleaning did not take long. Lilia picked grape polish but ended up with orange. Also asked about Lilia sucking on her lower lip when she falls asleep. Doctor said it was not affecting her teeth. They both did a great job and had no problems. They got toys from the tooth treasure chest. Still need to learn how to take only one toy.

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