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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lilia's 5th Birthday.....Early

We had a great time celebrating Lilia's and Aunt Annie's birthday. Lilia loved dinner of roast, rice, and Aunt Tuni's stir fry. We then had cake that mommy made. Yummy. Lilia had a great time blowing candles out all by herself. She practiced with our home teachers, Sunday night at Pennington's. They found the characters for top of the cake. Lilia opened her presents next. She got Magi clip Frozen dolls from us and Elayna, Frozen cd and bol from grandma and grandpa R, and cool tights from Aunt Annie. She took characters off cake. Elayna later licked them clean. We ate most of the cake. It was yummy. I had little white peppermint balls on cake. Daddy thought he broke a tooth when got one. I think Annie or Tuni removed the wrapper off the cd case. I got the booklet out and gave it to Lilia. I wish I was taking video because the look of pure happiness on Lilia's face was amazing! Every page she was very excited and it was on her face. We were listening to the cd immediately. We had so much fun watching Lilia.
Lilia you are growing up so fast we love you so much. Your best friend is Abby. You love to sing and primary. You dance all time and love your ballet class. You are wearing 7-8 shirts and dresses. Pants are size 6. You are wearing size 12 shoes. You get leg cramps at night still.  Your 6 year old molars are coming on right bottom and rest are on their way. You enjoy eating cheeseless pizza, burittos and pasta.
We love you!

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