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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Lilia is definitely getting her top molars. We were outside playing and she loves the dandelion seed puffs. I showed her how to pick them and wave them around and the seeds go everywhere. She did this today and was having a great time. She still had the stem in her hand when she was swinging. Daddy was pushing her. She bit the head off the dandelion. Daddy went in to get it. Lilia bit him. He also felt her top molars coming in. Alas, she ate the top of the flower! You can eat them. They taste nasty.
Yesterday she was climbing onto the bench. Daddy had his arm outstretched so she would not fall. She leaned over and bit his finger. She bit my ankle while playing on the floor with me. Funniest part was she kept trying to bite my ankle even when I said not too! Today we were playing with this wind up toy that is a chick. She kept leaning over and biting the chicks head.
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