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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Washing the Van

Yep, I drive a van. I drove a van in high school. Loved the fact that we could pick everyone up and go do something fun. As a youth these are some of my favorite memories. Getting together with friends and going to the park, movies, board games and going to the fair at midnight. My brother and I did everything together. Working together we were able to gain our parents trust and for the most part we stayed out of trouble. So, I drove my parents van as a teenager!
What a mess! Our van needed a good washing but I feel that did not happen but it got a quick wash. Lilia had a great time playing in the water, carrying the hose around and getting me wet. She did not understand the washing part. She did not want to come inside. I got her dry and changed her clothes. I wore her out with all the water fun. She is napping now.
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1 comment:

Jason said...

I seem to remember being the driver most of the time ;). Lots of fond memories from those adventures.