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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Swim Lesson for Lilia

We decided to try swim lessons for Lilia. She loves the water and is not afraid to go under the water or jump into the water. She is fearless. She has been this way since a baby.
This picture is of her before we into the building. She is very excited to swim.

For these first lessons I have to be in the water with her.  A friend is watching Elayna while we swim.  Lilia did a great job. She helped demonstrate things for the teacher. We count to 3 for everything that involves holding her breath. She jumps into the water, going under. Holds on to the side and climbs out. Submerging her and kicking her feet. We will be working on floating. She gets worried but did relax when she knew I had her. I need to buy warmer suit for her (body suit).

1 comment:

nernin said...

Swimming already? She has grown up so fast!!!