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Monday, January 16, 2012

What to do on a cold day...Fort Building on the Couch

Lilia has gotten excited about building forts. I started a fort on the couch with two rooms using pillows in the middle. Daddy came home for lunch and re-engineered it to make the rooms accessible. Now Lilia had a secret pathway to the other room. Elayna decided she wanted to play. They had a lot of fun and I kept the fort intact as they played between the two rooms. Elayna loves to do what Lilia is doing. Love my girls.

Cute things Lilia says:
When daddy holds both girls, Lilia will say, "Two babies".
I thought Lilia was saying "brownie" but she was saying "bannanie", she wanted a banana.
Lilia is starting to pray more on her own. She is praying for what she wants. Her blankie and doggie are regulars in her prayers. She also includes Josh, Lin, Annie, Mimi, baby and Mikey. She prays almost every time, breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bed. We never know exactly what we are going to hear. Love ya Lilia!

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