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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Day...I am so blessed!

Some days are really long...but I try and love them. They are growing up fast. Elayna can climb onto Lilia's bed and loves being a big girl. Then Elayna loves getting food all over when she eats. Lilia went to the potty all by herself. I found her on the toilet reading to Elayna. I think I was doing dishes. We had a pretend tea party. Lilia is learning to include Elayna even when she makes a mess. This is what Elayna looks like when she wakes from a nap. I try and keep clip or rubber band in her hair but they come out for nap so she can not swallow them. We stopped by to see grandparents and Elayna loves to be in the middle of things. Lilia was watching a movie with grandma (not pictured). When we got home Lilia tucked daddy in bed and covered him with her blankies. This is what most days look like at our house.

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