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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elayna is 23 Months

Elayna you are 23 months old. You love your sister so much. You are wearing size 4 diaper, size 6 shoe, size 24 month clothes. You love your "milk" (rice milk) and as for it, "milk pretty please". You say all sorts of phrases--thank you, pretty please, sorry mommy, its okay, swing, slide, yucky, pee eew, I go potty, I hungry and mommy! You are into everything and love building, stacking, smearing, dumping, and throwing all kinds of things. You have mastered the "No, I am not doing what you ask look". You say "No" and fold your arms and turn your head to the side with nose in the air. We try not to laugh when you do this because you look so cute. You want to do everything Lilia does. Lilia has taught you how to blow bubbles in the bath tub and how to float on your back in the water. You climb latters on the play ground and slide. You are very good at jumping. You give "bones" to people when you meet them (Bumping fists) and high fives. You love the nursery at church.
You will sit on the potty but have not done anything. You have even let your doll sit on the potty. I am going to try potty training you with a doll that pees.
We love you very much and are so happy you are in our family. Lastly you do not sit still for pictures!

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