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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lilia's First Dentist Visit

Lilia is shy and I forget that till we are around new people. The girls go with me to the dentist twice a year but this was still "new" for Lilia. They were great and took things slowly. Lilia got to see the water squirter and suction. Becky let Lilia suction water out of a cup a couple of times. She had a penguin head polish her teeth and Lilia decided that grape flavor would be best. I sat in the chair and Lilia sat in my lap. She did a great job. Her teeth look great. She got a purple Dora tooth brush and pretend money from the treasure chest. Elayna wanted in on the action. She kept pointing to her teeth and sat in the chair. She gave Dr. C the bones handshake as well. No fear here. I am sure her tune will change when it is her turn.

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