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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visit with Santa

Santa came to our church party. Lilia refused to go near him. Elayna had no problems with Santa. She sat on his lap, gave him a hug and wanted her candy cane. She would not smile and I was not pushing the issue. I am happy she was not crying. We waited till near the end of the line and Lilia watched from a distance. Daddy convinced her to get close enough to receive her candy cane and pose for a very quick picture. I was hoping she would be better this year.

Lilia loves driving anywhere at night right now and seeing all the lights up on the houses. Elayna and Lilia yell and point at all the decorations and lights. It is great to aRch their faces get all excited.

Lilia understands about presents and Santa Claus. She can not wait till Christmas. We have also talked about the Nativity and baby Jesus a few times. I think she is understanding a lot more than last year.

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