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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lilia: Cut, Sort and Paste

We are doing more school work. Lilia loves it! She does a calendar, weather and we are working on letters (a, s, c, g, f, d, o). She writes them in salt with finger while we say the sounds. She also writes her name. Today she found thus sheet that I printed and I put it in scrap paper. She wanted to do it. I did not think she could cut out a pattern. I wad wrong! She loves to cut paper but has never cut out shapes till today. We will do more of this. I cut the top part off for sorting and explained the two columns. She told me to go away and let her do it. No hovering for mommy! She cut out the pieces and had them sorted in piles. I got the glue stick and showed her how and she glued them down. Again no hovering for mommy. She did a great job. I wanted more pictures but no hovering!

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