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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Bunny

Daddy's work has Easter Egg Hunt every year. We try to go. Asher missed because he was helping friends move. Grandma and Grandpa R usually help with the set up etc but this year they were free to help with the girls. We got a picture with the Easter Bunny. Elayna was okay with it but Lilia was not happy. They got bunny rabbits.  
This year it was rainy and cold so the Egg Hunt was inside. Grandpa took Lilia but would not go into the room without one of us. I tried to get picture of Elayna and Grandma but could not find them in the dining area. I went with Lilia into the room. Lilia knew what to do. She got 14 eggs. Lilia is shy and considerate of others. Elayna figured it out quick. Grandma said she shook the eggs to see if they had candy. Grandma told her to wait and just get the eggs into the bag. She got 27 eggs. Most of the candy was chocolate so the girls could not eat it. I traded them for Oreo cookies.

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