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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

All About Me: Lilia

Lilia is loving school a lot.  Her teacher is great.  Today she rode the bus home for the first time. She loved it.  Our neighbor's daughter watched out for her and was so happy she was on the bus with her.  Bus dropped her off right at my house.

The teacher sent home an assignment.  All About Me Bag

She could bring in a photo or drawing of different things about her.  She got to explain to the class the pictures and toys etc.

Here is what she had in her bag:
Baby Picture.  She talked about how I got to feed her and give her a bath.

Dancing is what she loves to do and be on the stage.

Doll she plays with and has to share.

Oreo cookies.  

Family picture.  She loves her family. Sister Elayna, Mommy and Daddy. Talked about the temple and being sealed.  I asked her if she really did talk about this and she said, "yes". She amazes me!

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