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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Night for Lilia

We had a great time at school.  Sat in Lilia's chair. Her teacher had lots of things for us to read and information.  We got to see Lilia's work. "Who Am I?" I figured out which one was Lilia's.  She wants long hair. She wants to read books. We love her long pink hair in her picture.

Every morning Lilia is up at 7 a.m . and gets dressed. She then feeds the dog. We eat breakfast and drink lots of water. Daddy reads Book of Mormon. She is not drinking enough at school. We have family prayer. Daddy heads to work and we wave goodbye. We then have a reading lesson. She then goes potty and brushes her teeth. While on potty Lilia reads a magazine--High Five or The Friend. She makes me laugh, sitting their "reading". We then take her to school.  She rides the bus home. We are waiting for her. She loves riding the bus. I did not like riding the bus.

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