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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lilia's First Day of School

Lilia's First Day of School was great.  We took pictures with daddy.  We said family prayer and read the Book of Mormon. Daddy headed to work.  Lilia was ready and played outside with Elayna on the swing set. A friend picked us up and we went to the school together.  We took pictures and we headed inside.  Her friend went to her class and Lilia kept on walking down the hall to her room.  She saw her teacher at the door.  We went inside.  Lilia found her seat and name tag.  She tried to head to the computer but her teacher redirected her to her seat to color.  She had a great morning.  Our neighbor Ella saw Lilia and said hello as well in the hallway.  Lilia ate all of her lunch.  She had peanut butter and honey sandwich, carrot sticks, chocolate chip cookie and water.  It was all gone.  She is growing up so fast.
Elayna and I went to the library to see about an ABC club for her.  She had fun on the computer and will like this club.  I will get to read in the library once a week and relax.

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