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Monday, November 7, 2011

Elayna 10 Months

Elayna you are 10 months old. You are into everything. You crawl fast, stand for few seconds and pull up on anything you can reach. You sleep the best in your crib. You love Eeyore and sleep with him.  You enjoy eating rice, bananas, stew, noodles, and pretzle rods.  You are wearing size 9-12 month clothing, size 3 diaper and size 3 shoes.  You love being around your sister Lilia and helping her with her toys. Everything goes into your mouth. You figured out the toilet paper and think it is a fun toy.  You love playing in the fall leaves outside and tasting them.  You are growing fast and we love our "wanie". This is what Lilia calls you.

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