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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leaves are Falling All Around

When we got home the girls crashed and took naps.  We then headed outside to enjoy the warm weather. The swings are a must and the leaves were for Mommy. Lilia loved crumbling the leaves while Elayna wanted to eat them. They both had a great time and Elayna took a good nap when we came inside.

Lilia loves to swing and go high.  She does not like her "hairy" when it gets into her face or mouth.

Elayna is getting better at swinging.  She likes the movement but not too high.

They love each other.  Lilia loves to show Elayna things.  Elayna kept taking leaves from Lilia's lap.

I did not know if Elayna would like the texture of the leaves.  She had a great time playing in the leaves and I had to watch her that she did not eat them.

I was trying to get them to both look up and Lilia did finially but Elayna was occupied with the leaves.

The sun would poke out from behind the clouds every once in awhile and it was nice and warm on our faces.

Lilia is thinking about something and I wish I knew what it was.

Elayna is into everything and had a great time outside.

~Sisters holding hands~
I love the Fall and all its colors!  I think these pictures turned out pretty good considering I took them with my phone.  Next time I need to get the real camera out.

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