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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elayna's Big Day at Court

We went to court today.  Grandma R drove down with us.  We left around 7 a.m. and got there in time to meet our attorney at her office.  We walked to the county court house and went upstairs to the third floor.  It was a nice day and not too cold.  We waited in the lobby\hallway while our attorney checked the schedule.  We then went into the court room at 8 a.m.  A couple of cases went before ours.  It was very quiet and the judge talked softly.  When our case was called we went to the front of the room.  You can see in the pictures where we stood.  The judge came down for the pictures.  We were sworn in and then the case was reviewed and our attorney did most of the talking. 

Elayna was not wanting to hold still.  Asher and I kept taking turns holding her. The bailef motioned if he could hold her.  He was older man and she loved him.  His name tag said, Booker.  She loved his glasses, badge and radio.  He kept her occupied while we listened and answered questions.

I love Lilia's blankie in this picture. 

Elayna kept looking at the bailef behind us.

Coming back to Mommy.
Kay thanks for coming.  Our awesome attorney is on the right. 
A big thanks to John, who took all the wonderful pictures for us.  We are excited to work with him in Families Supporting Adoption!

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