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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Outside...Learning with Chalk

We headed outside today and the weather was awesome. Sunshine is always wecome. It was 77 degrees in our house. Outside was a little cooler. Elayna found a worm. Lilia was fascinated but not touching or getting close to it. Elayna would have smashed the worm if I let her. We put it back in the grass. Lilia used chalk and drew on the road. Elayna tried to eat the chalk. Had to taste it. Lilia practiced what to do if a car came down our street. I say "car" and she goes to the tree in our yard. I get Elayna, not her. Not a lot of cars on our street but it is good to practice. The mail lady came and Lilia knew what to do. She went right to the tree when I said "car". After Lilia tired of playing with the chalk we kicked the ball and I ran after Elayna who loves to walk down the street. I then drew shapes on the road and had Lilia find the shape I called out. She knows hard ones...oval and diamond. We talked about shadows. Lilia knew what a shadow was from the Peter Pan movie. When we came inside we washed up and had water to drink. We were thirsty. I think I wore them out. They are going to sleep great tonight.

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