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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lilia 35 Months Old

Lilia you are amazing. We can not believe you are almost 3 years old. You love to dance for us and give a bow/curtsie. We clap and you give us many encores.  You love your swimming lessons. Before you jump into the pool you say "supper swimmer" and you love the water. You sink to the bottom and then swim up. You love having your own notes and lists just like mommy. You take care of your sister and play with her. You are a great big sister. You cook with mommy and love to make bread, tortillas, brownies, cup cakes and lick the bowl when mommy let's you. You love princess dresses with full skirts. You are wearing 3-4T and size 7-8 shoe. You are potty trained except at nap and night time. You are talking all the time and tell us what is on your mind. We love you Lilia!

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