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Monday, February 13, 2012

As Big as the Doll, Hair and Library

Elayna is bigger than this doll. She was carrying the doll around the house. She would not stand or sit still so I could get a good picture. She played with the doll for a while and talked to her.
Lilia let me fix her hair before we left the house. I think it turned out great.
We went to the library today. Lilia listened to the stories but kept worrying about Elayna wandering off. If Elayna got too far, Lilia picked her up under her arms and brought her back. I kept telling Lilia that I would watch Elayna and for her to sit and listen to stories.  Story time is in a room with a door that was closed. Elayna was not going anywhere. Lilia played with her friend Abby. They sat next to each other and read books. We had a great time.

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