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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Own beds

Yesterday, I rearranged the girls bedroom. I moved Lilia's bed and she helped. We put toys away together. Lilia loved helping and making the decisions. We purchased a bedrail for her bed and she was so excited when UPS guy dropped it off. We assembled it together and daddy put it on the bed. Now, mommy feels better about Lilia sleeping at night in her own bed. The girls did not take a nap. We played outside riding bikes and playing in the dirt. Lilia kept trying to fall asleep during dinner. Once she got food in her she was awake. Got them bathed. So we sang songs and prayed and got both girls into bed. Lilia was so excited but then changed her mind. I reminded her that Aunt Annie promised her a trip to the salon if she slept in her own bed. Lilia knows that means nails being painted.  Lilia resolved to stay in her bed now. Elayna was wired and so tired. She kept talking and jumping in her crib. The crib is right next to the twin bed. Lilia fell asleep by 7:30 pm. I went and checked in on them. Elayna climbed out of the crib into the bed with Lilia and is laying next to Lilia. I tucked them in and said that was fine, just go to sleep. Well Lilia rolled over and fell asleep. I checked again and Elayna is wide awake and Lilia is asleep next to her. Arghh! Elayna was saying, "Lilia asleep" while poking Lilia's eyes! Lilia still asleep. I scoop up Elayna and rock her and put her back in the crib. I was thinking she had help getting out of the crib from Lilia and could not get out by herself. Wrong! She climbed out again and was poking Lilia again. Lilia is still sleeping. We rocked her to sleep and she stayed asleep in her crib (8:30 pm).
I can not wait till tonight. Elayna's crib will become toddler bed by tonight! Which means putting Elayna back in bed a million times in one night!

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