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Monday, February 11, 2013

Crazy Hair

Elayna loves these hair bands! She wanted all of them in her hair.

Last night was a memory I don't want to forget. I asked Elayna what song she wanted to sing. She said, "wise men". I repeated the song name and she said, "good idea". (This is her first time saying this phrase) We sang the song. It has hand motions and she loves it. Then we asked her again what she wanted to sing and she said, "kind and dear".  I said, "I Am a Child of God" (this is the real name of song) and she said, "good idea".  We sang the song. Lilia loves this song as well. Daddy asked Lilia to pray (in Korean). Lilia prayed really fast. She was sitting in my lap.  Elayna was sitting in front of Lilia. Daddy asked Elayna to pray. Lilia quickly started to help her. Lilia would say bless and then name mommy, daddy, Lilia, Elayna, Annie, doggie, etc. Elayna repeated each name. Blessed prophet then Lilia said, "name (Elayna repeated), Jesus (Elayna repeated), Christ (Elayna repeated), Amen (Elayna repeated)". This was a longer prayer and Lilia helped Elayna to pray. They hugged and cheered at the end. We are so blessed. We love our girls. They are learning to pray and why we pray.

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