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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starting the Day with a Surprise!

Lilia decided to help Elayna take all her clothes and diaper off and wear big girl panties (they were Lilia's). I had a bag ready with Elayna's panties, two dolls that wet and potty chart. I just was not ready myself to train her. I got the cute picture and then she wet all over. She was surprised. We got the dolls out and had them drink water and pee in the potty. Elayna loved this and Lilia did too. We drank a lot of water and had a lot of wet panties. Sticker chart had few stickers for sitting on potty but none for peeing. I think she did once. When lunch and nap came along we put diaper on her. At dinner Elayna threw tantrum and insisted on sitting in daddy's lap to read the newspaper.

She peeded twice in panties and then Pooped on the potty! I bought more of the Gerber training pants. We took a break potty training yesterday to go visiting teaching for church.

Elayna woke up with dry diaper! Okay never happened before. Elayna decided she wanted to wear panties, not the training panties but fairy panties (do not absorb anything). Great :) She pees and poopes in the potty! Yeah! She wears diaper for nap time and diaper is dry. This girl can hold it. Yikes! We also gave up on the sticker chart. No interest. Reading books on the potty--very interested. "Things that Go" (Same book Lilia loved and it is all about cars, boats and things that go. Not a word about potty.)

Elayna woke up with dry diaper from night time.  She decided to wear her fairy panties. I know I should be happy but I am trying to finish up birthday party preparations for Lilia's birthday. I don't want to spend all day in the bathroom. Elayna wanted big girl panties so we went for it. She did great, told me when she has to go, "poopy". This means pee and poop. She also likes to take panties all the qT off when sitting on the potty. She stayed dry during nap time but I had a diaper on her. She loves reading the "Things that Go" book. She was in panties till bedtime and we were all up late.

I think this child trained herself to go potty. We are very proud of her. Church will be fun on Sunday!

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