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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lilia's Birthday (4 years old)

Lilia decided she wanted a Sofia the First birthday party. We had decorations from Dollar General and Disney store. Daddy made a lunch break trip for the cake toppers/toys. Daddy also hung the streamers. Guests were family and friends (Grandparents, neighbors, Aunt, and friends). We had a great time. The cake was chocolate with strawberries in the middle. The frosting was a jello/egg white frosting and was yummy. Lilia got a little grumpy/shy once party started. She would not smile for me. She wanted to open our present before everyone got there and we had tears. She recovered quickly but she would not smile for the camera. Aunt Annie and Lilia share their birthday. I can't believe she is four years old! Lilia got clothes and accessories, piano lesson books (grandma is giving Lilia piano lessons), pajamas, Sofia doll, Lady Bug game and lacing cards. She knows how to open presents! The last present was from Annie. Annie got a dog about a month ago. Lilia loved the dog instantly. Her name is Angel Marisol Sofia. We call her Mari. Annie got the dog for Lilia but she needed to grow up little etc before Lilia got her. I think Lilia still does not believe Mari is hers. She keeps asking me. Lilia loves her and is very responsible and caring. Welcome to the family Marisol!

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